Why Penis Size Doesn’t Matter or 3 Advantages of Having a Small Penis

in-lovePopular culture is preoccupied with the size of the penis, and it has generated a lot of feelings of inadequacy in the general male population, even though recent global studies have shown that the size of the average penis is significantly shorter than those porn stars that you may be trying to emulate.

Forget everything you may have learned from your favorite porn. Here are the top three advantages of having an average or smaller than average penis.

  1. Oral and Anal Sex. This is where you need to forget everything you’ve ever seen in a porn movie or video. For many women, oral and anal sex can be difficult if you have a larger than average penis.

Oral sex is often unpleasant for women if their partner has a larger than average penis. Any stimulation of the back of the throat triggers the gag reflex and can even lead to vomiting. This isn’t enjoyable for either the women or her partner, so it is best avoided. Having a smaller penis enables her to really employ her oral sex skills without gagging or choking.

great-sex-small-penisAnal sex, on the other hand, can be difficult and painful if not approached properly. Even with plenty of foreplay and lube, it can be unpleasant or even impossible if your penis is too large. A smaller penis gives you the advantage in this situation, allowing you and your partner to enjoy anal sex without causing pain.

  1. Vaginal Sex. It is important to remember that the vagina, in its un-aroused state, is only about 3 inches deep. This can double when aroused, to a total of about 6 inches. The average penis length of men polled around the globe is 5.45 inches in length. For the average person, this is a perfect fit.

Above average penises can cause pain or even bleeding during vaginal sex because the penis will come into rough contact with the cervix. This muscle covers and protects the opening to the uterus and is not designed to take a beating from a large penis. No one likes having their cervix pummeled.

  1. Size Isn’t Everything. Contrary to popular belief, the size of your penis does not dictate your skill in bed. Men with larger than average penises tend to think that vaginal sex is all that is needed to satisfy a woman, simply because of the size of their penis.

Men with smaller penises, on the other hand, tend to be more considerate and thorough lovers, because they know that vaginal sex isn’t enough to satisfy their partner. They focus more on foreplay and oral sex, and tend to make sure that their partners come first, literally and figuratively.

When it comes right down to it, men with average or smaller than average penises tend to be more confident in the bedroom, simply because they know what it takes to completely satisfy their partner. They know there’s more to it than just thrusting away, and will take the time to please their partner rather than just focusing on their own pleasure. They strive to ‘make up’ for any perceived inadequacies in the size of their penis by not relying solely on vaginal intercourse.


No matter where you measure up, don’t let the size of your penis dictate your confidence or your skills in the bedroom. Spend some time learning what your partner likes, and make sure you communicate!

Talk before, during, and after sex if necessary to discuss what each of you likes, and how to implement these techniques in the bedroom. They say practice makes perfect, after all, and there’s nothing better than spending an afternoon in the bedroom practicing!

Don’t worry so much about the size of your penis. You’re not a porn star, and there’s no reason for you to try to live up to those unrealistic expectations of penis size. It really doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

Male Enhancement Dick Pills: Pseudoscience or Seriously Useful?

There are easily dozens, if not hundreds, of male enhancement pills, better known as ‘dick pills’, available on the market. There are so many options, it’s almost impossible to know which work, which should be avoided, and if they actually have any benefit at all.

How do they work?

The actual inner workings and effectiveness of these dick pills will vary from brand to brand. In general, though, all pills top rated on http://www.bestdickpills.org/ use proprietary combinations of herbal supplements, vitamins, and minerals to increase blood flow to the penis and surround tissue. This, in turn, creates hardebest-pillsr and longer lasting erections that will look and feel larger to both you and your partner. Many people also find that they experience a heightened sense of both sexual desire and pleasure, and more mind blowing orgasms.

Can pills increase penis size?

No, unfortunately not.

The only thing that can actually increase the overall size of a penis is surgery, and that carries a number of risks itself including loss of sensation and other complications. What dick pills do is increase hardness which can make the erection appear larger than it normally would. It will also increase your overall satisfaction and the satisfaction of your partner.

Side Effects?

As with any medication, the use of penis pills can carry some side effects. Assuming that the user doesn’t have a preexisting allergy to one or more of the ingredients, most of these are very rare but can become serious, including:

  • Palpitations
  • Sleeplessness
  • Seizures

The most well known side effects where male enhancement drugs are concerned is pripasim. This is a condition where the penis does not return to its flaccid state after the cessation of physical or psychological stimulation. While it may seem funny, it can be potentially painful for even damaging if not treated promptly. In the very worst case, the blood stuck inside the penis can clot and even become gangrenous if not treated. If you have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours without any sort of stimulation, please see a doctor immediately.


The most important thing to remember, no matter what brand of dick pills you decide to try, is to be careful. These are not medications that are subject to the regulation and scrutiny of the FDA. As such, there is no way to be sure that the ingredients within male pills are in the proper amounts.

  • Even penis pills that claim to be all natural may be using pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • There is nothing that requires these companies to divulge everything that is in their product, or even to provide an ingredients listing
  • Undeclared ingredients can react dangerously with medications that the user may already be taking.

And these are just a few of these examples. This shouldn’t turn you off from the use of these pills, but always be mindful of what you’re putting into your body. A little research can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Overall, these male enhancement pills are a useful and cost effective way to increase your sexual pleasure and improve your sex life.

Gain Male Confidence With A Penis Stretcher

The obsession with penis size exists in nearly every culture on Earth. It goes back thousands of years to pre-civilization and isn’t likely to go away in the near future. As progressive and sophisticated as the modern man may think himself to be, the fact remains that penis size and function still greatly affects male confidence.

So one shouldn’t be too surprised to learn about the existence of a global multimillion dollar male enhancement industry. Millions of men are searching for products that help for them to boost confidence and sexual prowess. Of all of these products available for purchase, few have been shown to be as promising at helping men to achieve their desired results as the penis stretcher.

sizegenetics-extenderWhat Is A Penis Enlargement Stretcher?

Penis stretchers are essentially traction devices designed from silicon tubing through which the penis is fitted and secured using comfortable straps. The SizeGenetics device over time extends the penis, straightening and lengthening the member over the course of several weeks or months. Studies have shown that men can achieve an increase in penis size when using the SizeGenetics penis enlargement stretcher as directed.

How Do Penis Stretchers Boost Confidence?

There are a number of ways that stretching devices can ultimately help men to regain or boost self-confidence, including:

  • Relieving social anxiety. Studies have shown that men with small penises feel that they’re unable to communicate effectively with potential partners. Basically, these men are self-conscious about the size of their members and the anxiety created by these feelings ultimately de-rail both short-term and long-term relationship prospects. Fortunately, a penis enlargement stretcher helps for men to replace this anxiety with a greater degree of self-assurance.
  • Satisfying Partners. Men with smaller than average penises often complain about not being able to fully satisfy their partners, including bringing them to climax. This perceived inadequacy can often wreck relationships that may otherwise be rewarding to both parties. Recent studies, however, reveal that the majority of women are more turned out by the degree of confidence exhibited by their partners as opposed to the length of the penis. Of course, the good news is that penis extenders are proven to both increase penis size and confidence, satisfying the needs of both the man and the woman.
  • Living A More Fulfilling Life. The lack of confidence experienced by many men ultimately carries over into other aspects of their lives, such as work. In fact, those who are more confident about their own sexuality generally are more aggressive in the work place, and end up doing better than their counterparts.

confident-in-bedSelf-confident men are able to more easily earn promotions and take advantage of opportunities that arise, for the simple fact that they are assured of their own abilities and strengths.

Men who feel inadequate, however, often struggle not just with their sexual dysfunction but with life in general. A stretcher can help to alleviate and even solve many of these psychological problems that ultimately limit happiness and success.

4 Psychological Reasons For Wanting A Larger Penis

The desire for penis enlargement is a phenomenon that even men themselves have a hard time truly understanding. Yet this desire is culturally universal, spanning back to the earliest days of human history. Today, it continues unabated, with millions of men buying products each year that promise to help them increase their penis size.

male-sexual-confidenceWhat is the driving force behind this phenomenon and how can it give us better insight into male confidence and sexuality?

Boosting Self Confidence With A Larger Penis

The benefits of a larger penis start in the bedroom but also spread out into other aspects of a man’s life. Those who lack confidence often are less successful in their chosen professions, have trouble asserting themselves, and shun away from confrontation.

As a result, they’re much more likely to become failures.

So it isn’t a surprise why men would seek to have a bigger penis, which ultimately translates into better confidence in their own abilities. A man’s self-image is irreversibly linked to the size and function of his penis. There isn’t any amount of political correctness or rhetoric that can defeat thousands of years of social evolution.

The Desire To Be The Very Best

Men are highly competitive animals. They’re constantly engaging in competition, whether they know it or not, in the workplace, in society, and even at home. So it isn’t any wonder that they desire on some level to be the very best in everything they do. This starts, however, with having greater confidence in their sexual abilities, which is one of the most base desires. Part of this confidence is having a penis adequate enough to satisfy sexual partners.

Those men who frequently struggle with issues of inadequacy often feel that they’re incapable of ever competing against other males. With penis enlargement, however, they seek to correct this problem.

The Desire To Please A Partner

Human sexuality is very complex, but ultimately what psychologists have discovered is that each partner has an innate desire to please the other. When one feels, rightfully or wrongfully, that they’re unable to pleasure a partner, then the result can often be devastating to a relationship. Men are almost willing to try anything which can help them bring partners to a greater climax.

To Improve The Male Aesthetic

Many men take the look and health of their bodies very seriously.

They seek to become perfect specimens of muscle and flesh, often working hard in the gym for tens of hours each week to achieve results. It can be very disappointing to build substantial muscle mass but still feel bad when one looks at his own reflection in the mirror because of a smaller than average penis. By using a number of different male enhancement products, however, men can improve the length and girth of the member and achieve aesthetic perfection.

What is a Low Sperm Count and Can it Effect Me?

Low sperm count is a very common problem, more common than most people like to admit. There is hope, though, and a number of treatment options that can help increase sperm count and quality.

sperm-countWhat Causes Low Sperm Count?

Low sperm count can be caused by a number of things. The most common are usually environmental issues such as:

  • Exposure to industrial chemicals or heavy metals.
  • X-Rays or other radiation exposure
  • Overheating the testicles.
  • Illegal drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.
  • Weight
  • Stress

Other common causes are medical in nature and must be diagnosed by your doctor before any treatment can take place. These include:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Infections
  • Sperm duct defects (either hereditary or caused by injury)
  • Medications
  • Celiac Disease

Or a host of others. Most of these can only be diagnosed by a medical professional. No matter the cause, low sperm count can have a dramatic impact on your life, especially if you’re trying to start a family.

ejacLow Sperm Count vs. Low Ejaculate Volume

While the two topics are related, there is a big difference between the problems of low sperm count and low ejaculate volume. Volume is only the measurement of the amount of fluid produced by any given ejaculation. Sperm count is the measurement of the amount of sperm present in that sample of fluid. A normal measurement would be 39,000,000 sperm per ejaculation. Anything lower than that, especially if the number is significantly lower, should be addressed by a doctor.

Low Sperm Count and Fertility

One of the primary causes of male infertility is low sperm count, but this is just one of the factors that can cause this problem. Sperm concentration, motility (or the ability to move well), and a number of other characteristics can cause infertility as well. The easiest way to discover if this is a problem is to visit your primary care physician or a fertility specialist and have a sperm analysis performed. This will give you a better idea if your sperm count is a problem.

Treatments to Increase Sperm Count

There are a number of treatments available to increase your sperm count, but the treatment used will depend on the origin of the low sperm count. Most commonly, patients are treated with hormone therapy, medications, or a combination of both. In some cases, surgery may be the only way to increase the sperm count by creating a way for the sperm to actually make their way into the ejaculate.

Treatments for Low Sperm Count?

There are a number of vitamins and minerals that can allegedly help to increase sperm count and/or sperm quality. These include:

  • Beta Carotene
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • L- carnitine
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B-12

fertility While these can be beneficial, there is no conclusive evidence that these supplements actually contribute to sperm health. In spite of this, many people continue to take them and swear by the results. Always talk to your doctor before taking any new vitamins, herbal remedies, or supplements.

Low sperm count is a very serious problem for many men, especially ones looking to have children in the near or not so near future. Thankfully, there are a host of treatment options and plenty of support available both online and off.

Should You Take Volume Pills?

Many men, though most may have trouble admitting it, have problems with ejaculate volume. What exactly is low volume, what causes it, and more importantly, is there anything that can be done to fix it?

What Causes Low Ejaculation Volume?

There is no single answer to this question. The causes of low ejaculate will vary from person to person, but there are more than a few commonly known causes. These include:

  • Low testosterone or an excess of estrogen in the body. This can have a number of causes which should be discussed with a doctor.
  • Frequent sexual activity including masturbation.
  • Nutritional deficiencies, specifically ones concerning selenium and zinc.
  • Obesity and/or a perpetually unhealthy diet. This also ties into the nutritional deficiencies cause.
  • Heredity. Yes, it is something that, while seldom discussed, can run in families.
  • Chronic stress can cause low sperm volume as well as other sexual and health related problems.
  • Injury to the testicles or the surrounding area.
  • Tight fitting clothing since the testicles should remain cooler than the rest of the body. Tight underwear or jeans could cause low volume as well as a drop in sperm quality.

In rare cases, low volume or difficulty ejaculating could be caused by an infection, blockage, or tumor in or around the testicles. It can also be caused by already existing conditions such as diabetes. In most cases, though, it is something that is easily treatable.

volume-pillsWhat are Volume Pills?

Like their name suggests, volume pills are designed to increase the amount of ejaculate that the body produces. Most of the time, weak ejaculation can be treated simply by addressing the underlying problem. If that doesn’t fix the problem, there are a few good volume pills featured at http://www.volumepillsadvice.com/ that are designed and specially formulated to help with this specific problem.

How do they work?

Most volume pills are made up of a variety of tried and true vitamins, herbs, and supplements that are specially formulated to increase ejaculate volume, increase orgasm intensity, improve ejaculation power. Each company has their own unique formula, but what they all have in common is that the ingredients are all natural.


The main benefit of using cumm pills is explained right in the name; they are designed to increase sperm volume you ejaculate. Thanks to the way they are formulated, there is no need for addictive narcotics, dangerous and painful surgeries, or devices that look like they came from an alien horror movie. All it takes is a couple of pills every day to improve your sex life.

Side Effects

The side effects of the best volume pills are almost non-existent, provided that the user doesn’t have a preexisting allergy to one or more of the ingredients. The all-natural ingredients are very easy on the body. The only side effects that have been reported are slight nausea after taking the pill, which can be fixed by taking it with food, and a slight increase in blood pressure. Of course, if you find yourself having a severe reaction, you should discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention.

While it may be difficult to talk about, low ejaculate volume is a very common problem. Thankfully it is easy to treat, and there are numerous resources available for both treatment and support.

How to Get a Harder Erection Naturally

Are you unhappy with the overall hardness or strength of your erection? Are you not getting as much satisfaction out of sex? Fear not, there are quite a few things you can try to help get a harder erection without the use of drugs or supplements.

harder-erection-dietEat Better

Put down that cheeseburger and pick up a salad. Your diet has a direct impact on the quality of your erection. Some foods that you should consider are:

  • Onions are a natural blood thinner. Increasing blood volume by thinning it can encourage better erections.
  • Whole wheat pasta and other carbohydrates are a fantastic source of energy.
  • Chilies contain capsaicin, which encourages blood flow.
  • Coffee is perfect for a burst of quick energy without a ton of extra calories.
  • Salmon and other fish rich in Omega 3s. These fatty acids improve blood circulation.
  • Pomegranates contain iron, which improves blood volume by increasing your red cell count.
  • Cardamom is known to increase sexual desire.
  • Oysters, dark chocolate, and cherries are all well known aphrodisiacs.

A healthy diet will also enable you to improve your stamina, endurance, and overall wellbeing, all of which can help to improve the satisfaction you have in your erection.

Stop Smoking and Drink Less

Neither one of these vices is particularly good for you, and indulging too much in either one can cause potentially irreparable damage to your virility. Constant smoking is known to encourage artery hardening, which restricts blood flow to the penis. Heavy drinking for an extended period of time has actually been proven to cause erectile dysfunction. It can also lead to kidney and nerve damage, which can result in permanent impotence.

Kegal Exercises Aren’t Just for Women

Men need to exercise the muscles in their pelvic region just as much as women do. Strengthening these muscles has been shown to increase overall sexual health as well as a harder erection. This leads to a much higher sense of sexual satisfaction as well.

Lose the Beer Gut

In addition to being damaging to your self esteem, being overweight or obese is detrimental to your sexual health. People who suffer from obesity are frequently also diabetics, and studies have shown that more than 50% of diabetics are impotent if they do not carefully regulate their blood sugar. Obesity also contributes to the clogging and hardening of arteries, which as mentioned above restricts blood flow to the penis.

If All Else Fails….

There are a host of male enhancement pills on the market, many of which are designed especially for increasing your potency and virility.


Most of these use a proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals to increase blood flow to the pelvic region, which results in increased hardness and an overall improved sense of sexual health.

Other than that, there may be no other recourse than to visit your general care physician. While it may seem like an awkward conversation, he or she can help you determine the source of any problems you may be having. If you want a harder erection, don’t be embarrassed and don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.

Penis Exercises to Increase your Sexual Stamina

If you’re like a lot of men, you’re not satisfied with your stamina in the bedroom, you have no idea how to improve your time, and you’re hesitant to ask anyone for help. You’re not alone. Here, we’ve gathered some of the easiest ways to increase your sexual stamina in the privacy of your own home.

Reset the Clock

Before you start your stamina training, it is important to have a realistic goal. And no, 60 minutes is not realistic. A recent study performed and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the average couple only spends about 7.3 minutes participating in vaginal sex. The highest amount of time spent in the bedroom was only 13 minutes. Try setting a goal between 3 and 13 minutes for a more realistic exercise regimen.

fleshlight-stamina-strainingFleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlights are commonly recognized toys designed to aid in male masturbation, but they can also be used for stamina training. The STU is designed to help you last longer in bed through practice. This isn’t just a matter of masturbating as much as possible though.

The Fleshlight STU also includes a field manual which is filled with a variety of exercises that you can use in conjunction with your Fleshlight to improve your sexual stamina. It is included free with every purchase of a Fleshlight STU. By following these techniques, which include training yourself to think about things other than the task at hand, or counting backward to keep yourself from ejaculating too soon, you can prolong the sxual intercourse and overall satisfaction.

Practice Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are most commonly associated with women and the tightness of the vagina, but they can be beneficial for men as well. These pelvic floor muscles need to be exercised just like any other muscle in the body.

To exercise these muscles, you need to be able to contract and relax them. It’s easier than it sounds. Contract the muscles that you would use to stop a flow of urine. Those are your kegal muscles. To exercise them, simply contract, hold for 3-5 seconds, than release. Do this up to 10 times. You can practice these exercises multiple times per day and once you get the hang of it, you can do them while sitting, standing, or walking.

Strengthening this muscle has been shown to strengthen the hardness of your erections. It can also be beneficial for people who suffer from premature ejaculation and even erectile dysfunction. It has also been shown to increase the strength and length of orgasms. So it’s a win-win any way you look at it and doesn’t require any equipment or training to accomplish.

Stop and Start

The stop and start method of masturbation is one of the most commonly used ways to increase sexual stamina.

To accomplish this technique, you first have to begin to quantify your sensations during masturbation. Many people assign numbers to the levels of pleasure that they are experiencing, with 10 being the point of no return, and 1 being no arousal whatsoever.

The trick with the stop-start method is to control your arousal. Rather than going straight from 1 to 10, try to bring yourself up to an 8 and then allow yourself to calm back down to a four or so. By delaying your gratification, you can slowly begin to improve your stamina in bed. And the best part is that you can work this into your normal masturbation sessions. You may even find that your orgasms are more mind-blowing than ever.


If you’re not happy with your sexual stamina, it’s not something that you’re stuck with. Instead, by spending some time learning your own body and its reaction to sexual stimulation, you can easily improve your time in the bedroom. Just don’t start neglecting foreplay just because you can keep going in bed!

7 Tips to Level Up Your Sexual Enjoyment

we-have-great-sexSex is a fantastic way to pass the time, but let’s face it; it can get a little monotonous after a while if you don’t do something to spice things up in the bedroom. Here are the top 7 tips to help you level up your sexual enjoyment.

  1. Communication is the one thing that you have to have for a successful relationship, whether it’s sexual, romantic, platonic, or some combination of the three. On the emotional level, you need to be able to effectively communicate your feelings and emotions on any given subject. But we’re not here to talk about emotions. On a sexual level, you need to be able to communicate before, during, and after sex. Your partner isn’t going to know what your partner wants if you don’t talk to them about it. It may sound a little trite, but communication is key to a healthy relationship.
  2. Add some toys to the mix. There are toys available for men, for women, and toys that are designed to be used by both sexes either together or separately. You don’t have to jump right into buying his and hers vibrators though. Instead, take it slow and go visit an adult store together. If you find something that looks like you’d want to include it in the bedroom, and then pick it up. Try adding some light bondage like fuzzy handcuffs, or a game like sex dice to your bedroom plans. These can be quick and easy ways to spice up your bedroom antics.
  3. ForeplayDon’t Skip the Foreplay. This is important. If your idea of sex is just climbing on top of her and thrusting away, then you’re missing out on the most sensual and intense part of sex: the foreplay. Spend some time exploring each other’s bodies and learning what pleasures you and what pleasures your partner. Take as much time as you can to build the tension and sensuality to make your sexual experience that much more amazing. Good foreplay can also make the whole thing more pleasurable for your partner. It takes longer to turn a woman on than it does for a man, so foreplay is essential.
  4. Know Yourself. No, this isn’t a clever allusion to masturbation, though that can help. It will be impossible for someone else to pleasure you if you don’t know what you enjoy when it comes to sex. Spend some time exploring yourself, either alone or with a partner, and find out what it takes to really turn you on and drive you to those mind-blowing orgasms that you’ve always fantasized about. Mutual masturbation can actually be a fantastic way to be intimate together if you’re not up for intercourse.
  5. Forget everything you’ve learned From Porn. Forget it. Now. Wipe it from your brain and don’t ever think of it again. Porn is not based in reality, so trying to mimic the things you’ve seen in your favorite porno is just going to lead to disappointment. Just keep this in mind: Porn is fake. Porn is Michael Bay without the explosions. There is nothing that you can learn from porn. End of story.
  6. open-minded-sexChange the Venue. If you’ve only been having sex in the bedroom, it’s time for a change of scenery. Try having sex in the shower, or leaning against the washing machine in the laundry room, or on the floor of the living room. If you’re adventurous, try venturing out into the world. Have sex in a public restroom, join the Mile High Club, or spend some time in the back seat of your car. Just be careful that you don’t get arrested.
  7. Don’t Be Disappointed. Don’t head into the bedroom with some preconceived notion of what is going to happen, and don’t beat yourself up over a bad batch of bedroom aerobics. We’ve all had bad days, gotten stuck in awkward positions, or fallen off the bed and killed the mood. Just laugh it off and keep going!

Spicing up your sex life is easier than you think. Follow these tips, or come up with your own. Have we forgotten anything? Let us know in the comments below!